Tony Hsieh Meninggal di Usia 46 tahun

20 pemikiran Tony Hsieh yang menginspirasi tentang Service Excellence

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Tony Hsieh, pendiri meninggal dunia kemarin 27 November 2020. Saya mengenal Tony Hsieh saat melakukan visit ke kantor mereka di Las Vegas di tahun 2011, bersama para business coach dari ActionCoach. Meja kerjanya menyatu dengan area karyawan, tanpa sekat apalagi ruangan khusus layaknya CEO kebanyakan. Namun hal itu tidak membuat Tony Hsieh kekurangan respek dari Zapponians, panggilan khusus dari karyawan Zappos dan juga customer-customer mereka.

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Mulai dari visit ke Zappos dan buku Tony yang berjudul Delivering Happiness, saya jadi secara khusus tertarik dengan Service Excellence yang saat ini menjadi salah satu training unggulan di perusahaan kami.

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Untuk menghormati Tony dan mengajak pembaca mengenal pemikiran Tony Hsieh lebih jauh tentang service excellence, saya merangkum 20 kutipan Tony Hsieh dalam post ini.

20 kutipan Tony Hsieh

  1. Customer service shouldn’t be a department, it should be the entire company. – Tony Hsieh
  2. There’s a big difference between motivation and inspiration: inspire through values and motivation takes care of itself. – Tony Hsieh
  3. Zappos is a customer service company that just happens to sell shoes. – Tony Hsieh
  4. I had decided to stop chasing the money, and start chasing the passion. – Tony Hsieh
  5. Good service comes naturally from satisfied employees who embraced the company culture. – Tony Hsiehtony hsieh 5
  6. Without conscious and deliberate effort, inertia always wins. – Tony Hsieh
  7. Every employee can affect your company’s brand, not just the front-line employees. – Tony Hsieh
  8. There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. – Tony Hsieh
  9. Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger. – Tony Hsieh
  10. No matter what your past has been, you have a spotless future. – Tony HsiehTony hsieh 3
  11. For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny. – Tony Hsieh
  12. Don’t play the games that you don’t understand, even if you see lots of other people making money from them. – Tony Hsieh
  13. People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said but they always remember how you made them feel, that’s what matters the most. – Tony Hsieh
  14. Money alone isn’t enough to bring happiness… happiness (is) when you’re actually truly ok with losing everything you have. – Tony Hsieh
  15. I’d rather spend money on things that improve the customer experience than on marketing. – Tony Hsiehtony hsieh 1
  16. Ready books and learn from others who have done it before. Learn by doing. Theory is nice, but nothing replaces actual experience. – Tony Hsieh
  17. Never outsource your core competency. – Tony Hsieh
  18. Don’t be cocky. Don’t be flashy. There’s always someone better than you. – Tony Hsieh
  19. Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.- Tony Hsieh
  20. Things are never as bad or as good as they seem. – Tony Hsieh

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Dari 20 kutipan Tony Hsieh, yang manakah yang paling menarik untuk Anda? Bagaimana pemikiran Tony menginspirasi Anda untuk membangun bisnis Anda dari sudut pandang service?


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